How-to Guide

How do I apply my nails?
1) Wash your hands thoroughly
2) Gently file your nails
3) Wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe to remove natural oils and prevent lifting
4) Stick the correct size sticky pad onto your nails
5) Smooth out the sticky with the wooden stick and remove the protective plastic
6) Apply your nail design at a 45-degree angle
Voila! Your manicure is done!


How do I remove and clean them?
You can easily remove your press-ons with NO damage by soaking them in warm water for 1-2 minutes
how long do they last?
  • Temporary wear (3-4 days): With the correct prep, your nails will last between 3-4 days with our jelly glue included in your Carol nail kit.
  • Extended wear (up to 3 weeks): For nails applied with our nail glue and the correct prep, they can last up to 3 weeks.
*Note that these estimates can vary depending on your lifestyle and whether you applied them correctly*
Can I reuse my press-ons?
100% - our nails are designed and handmade to be super durable and long-lasting so that they can be reused multiple times!
Why use press-ons?
1) Reusable (you can save money and save the environment with our press-ons!)
2) Convenient application and removal 
3) Affordable (a much cheaper option than getting them done at a salon) 
4) No damage (our nails are built for temporary wear, our sticky pads and glue won’t damage your nails!)